Starbucks Pampanga Icon Mug


Starbucks Philippines released Starbucks Pampanga Icon Mug featuring a Christmas Lantern locally called “parol”  A parol is an ornamental, star-shaped Christmas lantern which is part of every Christmas celebration. It is traditionally made of bamboo and paper and comes in various sizes and shapes, but generally the basic star pattern remains dominant. The design of the parol evokes the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Kings to the manger. It also symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and the Filipinos’ hope and goodwill during the Christmas season. Patterns of the parol evolved from the five-pointed paper star lantern originally crafted by an artisan named Francisco Estanislao in 1928. His creation was made of bamboo strips covered with Japanese paper, illuminated by a candle or kalburo (carbide). This kind of lantern was used by barrio folks to light their paths during the ritual yuletide dawn Masses called Misa de Gallo, as electricity was yet unavailable at the time in many rural areas.

Mug # 12 | Starbucks Icon Mug | Pampanga Starbucks Icon Mug

The Starbucks Pampanga Icon Mug is part of the 2008 Starbucks collection. The Starbucks Pampanga icon mug as well as all Starbucks Icon mugs in the Philippines are manufactured in China.

Mug # 12 | Starbucks Icon Mug | Pampanga Starbucks Icon Mug


Pampanga is a province of the Philippines located in the Central Luzon region. Its capital is the City of San Fernando. Pampanga lies on the northern shore of Manila Bay. Angeles City, although within the geography of Pampanga, is classified as a first-class, highly urbanized city and has a government independent of Pampanga. The name “La Pampanga” was given by the Spaniards who found the early natives living near the river banks. It also served as the capital of the archipelago for two years from 1762-1764 during the British invasion of Manila.


Starbucks Pampanga Icon Mug is still available in the shelves.  This icon mug is only available at Starbucks Pampanga branches at 450.00 (roughly 10.50usd) per piece.

Starbucks stores in Pampanga are located in Angeles City and City of San Fernando.

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