Starbucks Philippines Complete Icon Mug Collection

My complete collection of Starbucks Philippines Icon Mugs (14/14)!

Collecting all 14 Philippine Starbucks Icon Mugs is not easy.  No Starbucks store in the Philippines sells more than 2 different icon mugs.  Each icon mug is only available in the city or province it is named after.  This is to say that Davao Icon Mug is only available in Davao which is 2 hours by flight from Manila; Cagayan De Oro Icon mug is only available in Cagayan De Oro which is 1.30 hours by fly from Manila, Cebu Icon Mug is only available in Cebu which is 1 hour flight from Manila and so on and so forth.  Only the Philippines Icon is common in all Starbucks stores. Hence, I flew from  one city to another just to complete my collection.  It took me almost two months to complete this set.

Mugs # 1 to 14 | Starbucks Icon Mug | Starbucks Philippines Complete Collection

  1. Bacolod 
  2. Baguio 
  3. Batangas 
  4. Boracay 
  5. Cagayan De Oro 
  6. Cebu 
  7. Davao 
  8. Iloilo 
  9. Makati 
  10. Manila 
  11. Naga
  12. Pampanga
  13. Philippines 
  14. Tagaytay 

Should yuo be interested to have any of the Starbucks Philippines Icons, let me know. I have spare mugs for trade.  Specifically, I am interested to take South American Starbucks Icon Mugs or any icon mug I don’t have yet.

10 thoughts on “Starbucks Philippines Complete Icon Mug Collection

  1. May I ask which is more nice to collect. The tumbler or the mug? Because some city (i.e. Antipolo) has tumblers but no mugs and some (i.e. Makati) has mugs but no tumbler so I’m really torn which to collect haha

  2. I wonder why there’s only 14 icon mugs. How come there are no icon mugs for Laguna, Bulacan, and other major cities in Metro Manila?

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