Starbucks Thailand Icon Mug


Starbucks Thailand has released Thailand Icon Mug featuring a Jasmin Garland.

Among Thais, the Jasmin garland or Jasmin necklace which is locally called Phuang Malai is used to pay respect to Buddha. 

The Jasmin garland is also used, in most occasions, as offerings for good-luck and respect to elderly.

Mug # 15 | Thailand Starbucks Icon MugThe Starbucks Thailand back design features elegant movements of Thai traditional dance.  Thai Dance, known as “Fawn Thai”, are originally an art performed for the royal courts of The Old Siam.

Mug # 15 | Thailand Starbucks Icon MugThe Starbucks Thailand Icon Mug is part of the 2008 Starbucks Thailand Collection. Unlike other Starbucks mugs which are made in China, the Starbucks Thailand Icon Mug and all other Starbucks Thailand mugs are made in Thailand. Hence, if you get one not made in Thailand, chances are its a fake one.


The Kingdom of Thailand, formerly known as Siam is a major tourist hub in Asia. 

The country’s capital City of Bangkok is the world’s tourists capital in 2012.


Thailand Starbucks Icon Mug is available in all Starbucks stores in Thailand.

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