Starbucks Shenyang Icon Mug


Starbucks Shenyang Icon Mug front design features a Sun Bird Sculpture.

Sun bird sculpture are the large-scale golden bird sculpture that stands in the city center of the Sun Bird Square in Shenyang.

The wooden birds represented highly stylized carving skills, exquisite workmanship, and smooth lines. According to historians to research, the wood birds, dating back seven thousand years ago, was the totem of the new musicians.

Comprised of three wooden poles it stretches 21 meters into the China sky and offers a fantastic glimpse into the area’s past.

The sculpture shows both the deep cultural and historical heritage of Shenyang, but also highlights the rich flavor of a modern symbol of the people in Shenyang today.

Mug # 28 | Shenyang Starbucks Icon Mug Starbucks Shenyang Icon Mug back design.

Mug # 28 | Shenyang Starbucks Icon MugABOUT SHENYANG

Shenyang, or Mukden, is the capital and largest city of Liaoning

Province in Northeast China. Currently holding sub-provincial administrative status, the city was once known as Shengjing. Shenyang was first used by the Manchu people as their capital in the 17th century and is today the biggest city in the Northeast. Along with its nearby cities,

Shenyang is an important industrial center in China, and serves as the transportation and commercial hub of China’s northeast–particularly with Japan, Russia, and Korea.

A titan of heavy industry since the 1930s, the city has been diversifying its industry and now has a solid industrial foundation, a good land and air transport network, abundant natural resources, and a skilled workforce. The sub-provincial city region includes the metropolitan area of Shenyang proper, Xinmin county-level city, and three counties.


Starbucks Shenyang Icon Mug is one of the 37 Starbucks Icon Mugs China.  It is still available in stores. Shenyang Icon Mug is MIC and there is no MIT version.

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