Starbucks Ireland Icon Mug


Starbucks Ireland Icon Mug front design features a Harp known as Cláirseach is the generic Gaelic tongue.  In English, the word refers specifically to

a variety of small Irish and Scottish harps

It is said that the use of this word in English, and the varieties of harps that it describes, is very complex and is a cause of arguments or disagreements among different groups of harp-lovers. By and large,

the word clàrsach is equivalent to the term harp

the former being preferred in Scottish contexts and the latter in Irish contexts. The less specific term Celtic harp has also come into use.

Mug # 33 | Ireland Starbucks Icon MugStarbucks Ireland Icon Mug back design design

Mug # 33 | Ireland Starbucks Icon MugThe Starbucks Ireland Icon Mug Series is part of the 2008 Starbucks collection.  The Starbucks Ireland icon mug as well as all Starbucks Icon mugs in the Ireland are manufactured in China.


Ireland is an island to the north-west of Europe. Ireland is the third-largest island in Europe and the twentieth-largest island on Earth. Politically,

Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland, which covers just under five-sixths of the island, and Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom

which covers the remaining parts and is located in the north-east of the island.  Irish culture has a significant influence on other cultures, particularly in the fields of literature and, to a lesser degree, science and education.


Starbucks Ireland Icon Mug is one of the 2 Starbucks icon mugs in Ireland.  It is still available in Starbucks stores as either Made in China or Made in Thailand. 

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