Starbucks Brussels Icon Mug


Starbucks Brussels Icon Mug front design features Grote Markt or Grand Palace.

The Grand Place or Grote Markt in Dutch is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe

with architecture from 3 different eras (Baroque, Gothic and Louis XIV) making their marks on the square giving it an eclectic flavor. This eclectic quality earned the Grand Place a listing as one of the Sites of World Heritage by UNESCO in 1998. Historically, the Bruxelles

Grand Place was essentially a market place where traders and citizens sold and bought food.

Therefore you will notice that all the streets surrounding the square are named after foods like chicken (poulet), herbs (herbes), cheese (fromage) and so forth. Nowadays you will see grand old buildings standing in the place of market shelters.

The Maison du Roi, in French means King’s House but the lesser used name of Broodhuis in Dutch, means Bread House.

Most of the buildings were rebuilt or restored after the bombardment of Brussels by France in 1695.The Grand Place is always packed with people. There are tourists and school groups during the day and young people at night sitting on the stones in small circles drinking and talking. Overlooking them is the glowing Gothic tower of the Town Hall (Hotel de Ville) which one may mistake for a church or a castle. It acts as a great landmark because you can see the tower from most corners of the city.

Mug # 38 | Brussels Starbucks Icon MugStarbucks Brussels Icon Mug back design

Mug # 38 | Brussels Starbucks Icon MugABOUT BRUSSELS

Brussels is the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium lies on the river Senne.

Brussels is a major Europe-wide center for cultural, scientific and economic development. It is the seat of the king as well as NATO, the Euratom and the European Union institutions.

The first mention of the city come from the 966, then it was a fortified settlement. It carried the name Bruocsella, which meant a swampy village. The flourishing of the city came when it was the capital of the historical land of Brabant. During World War II, Brussels has suffered as a result of the bombing. After the war the city became the center of a united Europe.


Brussels Icon Mug were first produced as MIC.  The newer versions are now MIT.

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