Starbucks Kaohsiung Icon Mug


Starbucks Kaohsiung Icon Mug front design features the Kaohsiung lighthouse.

Kaohsiung lighthouse was erected in 1883, also called “Cihou Lighthouse”, located at the top of Cihou hill in Cijin district


The tower is the only white octagonal brick tower with a dome top in Taiwan

and is able to view Kaohsiung city. This historic lighthouse has stood for more than 100 years, and it was not damaged under World War II. It became a national level-three heritage building in 1987 and was opened to public in 1992.

Mug # 39 | Kaohsiung Starbucks Icon MugStarbucks Kaohsiung Icon Mug back design

Mug # 39 | Kaohsiung Starbucks Icon MugABOUT  KAOHSIUNG

Kaohsiung is a city located in southwestern Taiwan, facing the Taiwan Strait on the west. Kaohsiung, officially named Kaohsiung City, is divided into thirty-eight districts. The city is one of five special municipalities of the Republic of China. Kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan, with a population around 2.9 million.

It is a center for manufacturing, refining, shipbuilding, and other light and heavy industries.

A major port, through which pass most of Taiwan’s marine imports and exports, is located at the city but is not managed by the city government. Kaohsiung International Airport serving the city is the second largest airport in Taiwan. The Port of Kaohsiung is the largest harbor in Taiwan. Kaohsiung is the terminal of the Sun Yat-sen Freeway. The city is served by the railway stations of Western Line and Pingtung Line. Taiwan High Speed Rail connects it with Taipei City.


Starbucks Kaohsiung Icon Mug is one of the five Starbucks Taiwan Icon Mugs.  It is still available in Starbucks stores in Taiwan

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