Starbucks Taiwan Icon Mug


Starbucks Taiwan Icon Mug front design features the Formosan Black Bear. 

The Formosan Black Bear also known as the white-throated bear, is a subspecies of the Asiatic black bear. Formosan black bears are endemic to Taiwan

. In 2001, they were voted the most representative wildlife of Taiwan in a half-year long countrywide voting campaign. They are also the largest land animals and the only native bears (Ursidae) in Taiwan. Because of severe exploitation and habitat degradation in recent decades, populations of wild Formosan black bears have been declining. This species was listed as “endangered” under Taiwan’s Cultural Heritage and Preservation Law in 1989.

Their geographic distribution is restricted to remote, rugged areas at elevations of 1,000–3,500 meters.

Mug # 42 | Taichung Starbucks Icon MugStarbucks Taiwan Icon Mug back designs

Mug # 42 | Taichung Starbucks Icon MugABOUT TAIWAN

Taiwan, officially the Republic of China is a state in East Asia. Originally based in mainland China, the Republic of China now governs the island of Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa), which makes up over 99% of its territory, as well as Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, and other minor islands.

Neighboring states include the People’s Republic of China to the west, Japan to the east and northeast, and the Philippines to the south. Taipei is the political capital as well as the island’s economic and cultural center. New Taipei is the most populous city. The earliest evidence of Taiwan being inhabited is from the late Paleolithic era. The island of Taiwan was mainly inhabited by Taiwanese aborigines before being explored, and later colonized by European powers including Dutch and Spanish in the 17th century.


Starbucks Taiwan Icon Mug is one of the 5 Starbucks Taiwan Icon Mugs.   Starbucks Taiwan Icon Mug is still available in most Starbucks stores in Taiwan

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