Starbucks Stuttgart Icon Mug


Starbucks Stuttgart Icon Mug front design features  Stuttgart’s Coat of Arms.

Stuttgart’s coat of arms  shows a black horse on its hind legs on a yellow background. It was first used in its current format in 1938; prior to this various designs and colors had been used, often with two horses

The canting seal pictured here reflects the origin of the name ‘Stuttgart’. The name in Old High German was ‘stuotengarten’, with ‘stuoten’ meaning mare, later cognate with the Old English term ‘stod’ The Old High German term ‘garten’ referred to the compound on the site of the original settlement.

The logo of the Porsche automobile company features a modified version of Stuttgart’s coat of arms at its center.

Mug # 49 | Stuttgart Starbucks Icon MugStarbucks Stuttgart Icon Mug back design

Mug # 49 | Stuttgart Starbucks Icon MugABOUT STUTTGART 

Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. It is the sixth-largest city in Germany. The city lies at the center of a densely populated area, surrounded by a ring of smaller towns. Stuttgart is spread across a variety of hills, valleys and parks – unusual for a German city and often a source of surprise to visitors who primarily associate the city with its industrial reputation as the ‘cradle of the automobile’. Stuttgart has the status of Stadtkreis, a type of self-administrating urban county. It is also the seat of the state legislature, the regional parliament, local council and the Protestant State Church in Württemberg as well as one of the two co-seats of the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

The city’s tourism slogan is “Stuttgart offers more”

For business it describes itself as “Where business meets the future”. Stuttgart is nicknamed the Schwabenmetropole (Swabian metropolis), because of the city’s location in the center of Swabia, and as a reference to the Swabian dialect spoken by its inhabitants. However, many non-Swabian Germans have emigrated to Stuttgart for economic reasons and 40% of Stuttgart’s residents, and 64% of the population below the age of five are of foreign immigrant background. City is famous to be a hometown and manufacturing place of Porsche.


Starbucks Stuttgart Icon Mug is one of the 30 Icon Mugs released by Starbucks Germany.  It is still available in most Starbucks stores in Germany.

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