Starbucks Aachen Icon Mug


Starbucks Aachen Icon Mug front design features the Palace of Aachen.  

The Palace of Aachen was a group of buildings with residential, political and religious purposes chosen by Charlemagne to be the center of power of the Carolingian Empire.

The palace was located at the north of the current city of Aachen, today in the German Land of North Rhine-Westphalia. Most of the Carolingian palace was built in the 790s but the works went on until Charlemagne’s death in 814. The plans, drawn by Odo of Metz, were part with the program of renovation of the kingdom decided by the ruler. Today much of the palace is destroyed, but the Palatine Chapel has been preserved and is considered as a masterpiece of Carolingian architecture and a characteristic example of architecture from the Carolingian Renaissance.

Mug # 61 | Aachen Starbucks Icon MugStarbucks Aachen Icon Mug front design

Mug # 61 | Aachen Starbucks Icon MugABOUT T AACHEN

Aachen is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, at the point where Germany borders on Belgium and the Netherlands. Historically this spa-town was

a prominent city, the place where the German Kings were crowned, and a famously favored residence of Charlemagne who still lies buried in the impressive cathedral he himself had built.

The city is packed with historic sights that remind of those days, including medieval buildings, city gates and beautiful fountains.Today, Aachen has become a pleasant mix of historic (often Baroque) grandeur and modern innovation. It has a population of 246,000 and is

home to a large and highly regarded universities

All in all, a place well worth visiting.In French (including cross-border train services from Brussels and Paris), the city is known as Aix-la-Chapelle, the city is called Aquisgrán in Spanish, whereas its Dutch name is Aken.


Starbucks Aachen is one of the 30 icon mug sin Germany.  It is still available in stores.

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