Starbucks Darmstadt Icon Mug


Starbucks Darmstadt Icon Mug front design features the Wedding Tower on Mathildenhöhe.  

The Wedding Tower on Mathildenhöhe like the buildings in the Art Colony below, is a fine if grubby example of turn of the century architecture

At nearly 50 meters tall, and occupying a spot on one of the city’s hills, it is an easily recognizable landmark. It also offers great views over the city, although unfortunately the windows on the top floor are all locked, meaning you can’t go out onto the balconies and have to take pictures through the smeared window panes.

The tower was a present from the city to commemorate the wedding of Ernst Ludwig and Grand Duchess Eleonore

and was built in 1918. The strange looking roof of the tower symbolizes the five fingers of a hand.

Mug # 64 |Darmstadt  Starbucks Icon MugStarbucks Darmstadt Icon Mug back design

Mug # 64 |Darmstadt  Starbucks Icon MugABOUT DARMSTADT

Darmstadt is a city in the federal state of Hesse in Germany, located in the southern part of the Rhine Main Area. The sandy soils in the Darmstadt area, ill-suited for agriculture in times before industrial fertilization, prevented any larger settlement from developing, until the city became the seat of the Landgraves of Hessen-Darmstadt in the 16th century. As the administrative center of an increasingly prosperous duchy, the city gained in prominence during the following centuries.

In the 20th century, industry (especially chemicals) as well as large science and electronics (later information technology) sectors became increasingly important, and are still a major part of the city’s economy.

Darmstadt also has a large tertiary education sector, with three major universities and numerous associated institutions. Darmstadt is one of few cities in Germany which does not lie close to a river, lake or coast. It is the sunniest city in the state of Hesse.

The chemical element darmstadtium (atomic number 110) is named after it, having been synthesized in the GSI Center for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt-Wixhausen.


Starbucks Darmstadt is one of the 30 icon mug sin Germany.  It is still available in stores.

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